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Music is one thing that connected everybody with emotions and feelings. And if you are passionate to sing a song for the audience but initially no one has that budget to invest in instrumental stuff.

So many talented singers lose their hope, but Don’t worry in this 21st technological era there is nothing which stops you if you decide to do it in any condition. There is always a solution.

You can install one app called Karaoke apps on your android and iOS devices. Karaoke app seems like useful entertainment in your pocket.

Never heard of karaoke before? Karaoke is a type of singing apps, which has an inbuilt feature that allows you to record your voice on the original music background. So choose any of your favorite songs and start singing with this app and it will play automatically background instrument tracks sound from taking the original song.

Then the Karaoke app will record it, and you can share your voice with your friends, family members, and also your followers via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp, and even Live broadcast on youtube.

Best free karaoke apps

Karaoke is a fun time activity in which the singer can record the vocals in sync with the music, to form a fully packaged song. In a maximum of cases, the lyrics of songs also displayed on the screen to help the singer maintain a correct flow with the song.

People used to sing in karaoke after long hours of work to distress and relax, especially in Japan. It removes your hesitation and shyness.

What is the best free singing app?

So which is the best free singing app and where to find the best karaoke app? You can get tons of this type of apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

But not all are great, so here we discuss the Top 8 best free karaoke apps available in the market with a detailed explanation about their service & features. So without wasting too much time, let’s get started.

#1. Smule Sing: Social Karaoke Singing

Smule developed this Karaoke app named Smule Sing! SMULE is one of the biggest and leading karaoke apps platforms available on Android, iOs, and Apple TV.

For android, It comes with a size of 60MB at Play Store and 110MB at the Apple store for iOS. With Smule, you were feeling, sing like a star with outstanding audio effects which you can quickly record in your melodious voice.

Sing karaoke has a community of more than 50M+ music lovers strong! Choose from a massive library of hits collection and sing-along single, duet, or in a group performance with whatever song matches your mood.


Smule offers duet options where you sing alongside your favorite artist around the world. Like Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo, and Jessie J among countless others.

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Some Best SmuleSing App Features :

• Choose from a collection of Millions of song list to sing along with lyrics
• Polish your voice with Studio Polish
• Video filters – like Selfie, Paris, Vintage, Black & White, Sepia, Fight Club
• Love, comment on videos, chat and share directly other users’ videos
• Make a duet with your beloved artists
• Song list refreshed daily
• Chat with other users
• Access music according to your geographical area
• Multi-language support
• Weekly, annually, or monthly subscriptions available


#2. Sing Karaoke by Starmaker

Starmaker is similar to Smule in terms of popularity. This is the biggest competitor among the best free karaoke app category list. When you start singing with Starmaker feel like you are a real star because of high-quality backing music and rolling lyrics, edit your voice after record the song with a selection of voice effects and video filters, And share to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Singing app

To impress people with the powerful music of Starmaker, it also has an amazing feature of cutting-edge voice enhancement technology which captures the best quality audio while you sing a song.

Best features of Starmaker

• Pick your favorite songs and the latest hits from millions of local and international songs.
• Use Pitch correction tool to make an effect like a pro singer.
• Record with various voice effects like Distant, Warm, Vinyl, Party, Fascinating, etc.
• Add amazing filters like Vintage, Sunset, Urban, Spring, etc. and Edit your selfie music videos
• Go Live to broadcast your singing by one tap, hold your own concerts and set it, or just enjoy other videos.
• Duet with top artists or friends, and make a beautiful recording together!

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#3. Karaoke by Yokee ( Free 7-day Trial )

Karaoke by Yokee is another best choice of karaoke app for all android and iOS users. It not only allows you to sing the song but also exhibit and showcase your dancing talent with your yokee app recordings then combining your voice with videos and if you like share performances with our fans by social media platforms.

You can add some of the best voice effects such as reverb and echo as you go. It also supports various languages such as Hindi, Filipino, Chinese, and Latin.

Karaoke - Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

Karaoke by Yokee already boasts around 100 million users it’s the best alternative to the SMULE app. A decent and unique type of design easily navigable UI, helps users to easily sing, so start recording and sharing our musical creativity across multiple social media platforms. Its have awesome features and a considerable amount of song database.

Features of Karaoke by Yokee app

• New songs added daily, you can find almost any of your favorite songs.
• Select from a wide catalog of music genres like Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Latin, French, Russian, and many more!
• Once you’ve chosen a song as your wish, start recording your vocal track.

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#4. Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke Sing & Record application is developed by Red Karaoke. It is the most popular app among all karaoke singing apps available on the android play store and ios platforms. Download the app via the link below and see its useful feature that’s why many people love to install it.

The categories which you found in this app are – Rising star, Latest, Popular, Love Songs, and Following. It has a size of 43MB at Apple’s App Store and 33MB at Google Play Store. To access Red karaoke, Sign up is mandatory.

This free karaoke app added their list with over 100,000+ karaoke songs from the best singer in India, artists, Sing and record yourself on audio or video and edit it using multiple voice effects. Singers can easily record their karaoke performance the same as above and share it with fans.

Features of Red Karaoke Sing & Record

• Red karaoke is compatible with Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick
• VIP Users- VIP collection of Songs, more amazing audio effects, Ad-free experience, more promotion for your videos to engage audiences, also access one account from multiple devices
• Reliability of Weekly, monthly or annual subscription
• Multi-language support

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#5. Karafun karaoke

KaraFun karaoke party app developed by Recisio for android and iOS users. The free version of Karafun you can record in addition to sing so that you can have your recordings be heard any time.

It is an ultimate pocket karaoke app that allows you to easily start to sing any song with the same background and record your voice on your smartphone for free.

There is a wide range of more than 25000 karaoke songs available on this Karafun app, and also you can access some of the songs offline as well as in active mode. So easily use this app offline for free.

A free any of the one KaraFun accounts is must be needed to access the app and its all features which also allows you to get 30-second previews of each track.

One of the best features of this app is to allow you to make a list of your favorite song and also make new song tracklist. So subscribe premium account on our website and enjoy a karaoke party with unlimited access.

Some Best Features of Karafun karaoke

• 26,000 karaoke songs available
• Control each vocal track individually
• Work also even Offline Mode
• Weekly updates
• Add any track to your favorites
• Works with Chromecast

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#7. Baby Karaoke for KIDS

Because of the movie’s song effect, children love to watch and start singing by themselves. So there is one best Karaoke singing app specially design for the kids who passionate about singing and make it a career option then this app is the best choice it gives wings to a baby’s dreams.

Baby Karaoke comes with a plethora of song collection targeted towards children. Majorly consists of songs for kids. An easier way to make your kids learn the famous Bollywood and Hollywood kid music and nursery rhymes.

This app’s development was done by the company Raising Children Network Limited truly justifies the purpose since it’s easy to use so that your kids can use the app seamlessly with great graphics, easy to understand for kids with awesome background music.

So if you are parents and wondering about your kid’s extra activities baby karaoke is the best platform to give it a start.

Baby karaoke best features

• An animated karaoke-style game that enables and encourages kids to sing along with any song of their choice.
• Specially design for kids
• More than 50,000+ downloads on the play store

Download Baby karaoke for Android   Baby karaoke For IOS

#8. The Voice

Another amazing app was developed by Yokee. It has a good collection of artist voices of pre-recorded music of famous songs. One more interesting feature of the voice which not available in other app is the more songs you sing; the more songs get unlocked from a list of top-performing artists around the world.

Via this app, you can add different audio effects and also enables the useful feature of sharing your performances directly on social media accounts. So record your audio with different audio effects and share it with your loving once


It released new tracks every day so you can easily get new tracks every day. You can easily search for any of your favorite artist’s voices and record voices with these free karaoke apps.

Some best feature of The Voice app

• Daily Task updates: Daily added Task category newly, with exclusive VIP check-in and other hidden gems.
• The Sing Feature: This provides a personalized songbook of your favorites songs
• Take The Mic feature: This feature will Optimize The overall Mic experiences, also add a quick comment, mention you on the personal card, and get some ranking award.
• Externalized SID: It helps you to Check out your unique SID on ME page, use it to search for anything, and add more friends.

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Is there a free version of Smule?

Yes, there is a free version of Smule, But there is a limitation with the free version. Smule Sing is the best karaoke app available in the market; that’s why I was taking it in the number one position.
Primarily, Smule can be used free for permanently without a VIP subscription cost. The basic concept behind Smule is that first a singer sings any vocal track of a song and then a second singer sings rest of the part of the second vocal track.
The limitation that you face without a VIP subscription is that you sing along with other singers as a second singer. Without a VIP subscription, it is not possible to sing at the position of the first singer to open your own songs or to sing songs completely as individually. This is only possible with if you have a VIP subscription. In addition, as a VIP user, you have ge a higher selection of effect settings like “Super Studio”. and vocal effects.

What is the best karaoke app? StarMaker or Smule?

StarMaker is the leading mobile singing app, which enables you to collaborate and socialize with your friends and favourite network stars, and it’s completely free to use. Smule has vast experience making music-related apps, but with Smule, you have to pay a minimum of $ 7.99 monthly for a VIP subscription which is considered not fair for beginners. But it also has a large global user base.
To find your favourite one if you just start singing Starmaker is the best choice and in future when you got lots of experience, you may switch to Smule. Both have different advantages which explore your talent on another level.

What is the best free karaoke app for iPhone?

Smule sing karaoke is best for iPhone because it’s more compatible with iOS rather than android also you get faster updates on the iOS version. And have vast songs catalogue. Comes with Hi-Tech features focused on making users look and sound awesome. Get Quick updates in response to user needs. The only drawback is A subscription-based model could cost a fortune if you want access to all the latest hits.



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