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You must be thinking which is the best palm reading apps? Well, there are many best palm reading apps that provide you the perfect reading of your hand. The marks on their hands and what the eff they imply have always intrigued people. This has developed over centuries into a concept that the scale, shape, and lines on the fingers and palm of a person represent their individuality and direction in life and with whom they may be compatible. This is named palm reading, aka palmistry, and TBH, and in five simple steps you can understand how to do it. What you need are your eyes and hands.

Palm reading is one of the most powerful ways to think about your future. This allows you to understand what is in your palm line. This isn’t so easy to learn about it in the old days. As long as you know exactly what is in your handline, you have to go to the best astrologer. Using the best palm reading app, it’s easy to read your hand now. Apps for palm reading allow you to easily understand what is in your future. Using these palm reader tools, you can understand your horoscope quickly.


You can conveniently use any of the palm reading apps on your Android or iOS smartphone if you want to know about your major lines. Here it is mentioned the top 10 best and most popular palm reading apps for Android and iOS users in this document. These apps allow you to quickly understand the lines of your heart, lines of mind, lines of health, and others on your palm. You can perfectly understand yourself and others better by using these tools. You can also educate yourself and learn about your family, friends, and others in the art of palmistry.


PalmHD is another common app and also one of the best palm reading apps that provides easy and entertaining image testing options for self-understanding. For Android and iOS users, this is a professional daily horoscope and palm reading apps that will show your future.


Using this app, you can perfectly explain yourself, your character, and others better. You just had to click a photo of your palm utilizing camera apps while using this app and its efficient biometric algorithm will automatically analyze your hand.

Download PalmHD App | ios

we have mentioned apps for android user’s as well please read the full article

Scan your future

scan-your-palms-app scan-your-palm-details
Scan Your Future is a famous palm reader app built for Android and iOS users by Mango Technologies. It enables you to learn for free regarding your personality, your history, and your personal potential. It is a perfect app for palm readers that offer instant access to the ancient art of palm reading. It also helps you to learn how to perceive hand styles, thumbs, palm and finger length, finger marks, mounts, lines, fingernails, and palm timing in addition to these.

Download Scan You Future | android

How to read palms

Using palm reading apps for Android and iOS users is free and simple, allowing you to read and understand palms. You can quickly understand common and simple methods for learning how to read palms using this app. Fingernail shape and personality are one of the strongest and special features of this app, so you can quickly see what the fingernail shape reveals. You could also use the psychic reading software for psychic reading along with this.

how-to-read-palms how-to-read-palms-graphical-representation

Download How To Read Palms App | android


For android and iOS users, Fortunescope is palmistry, fortune-telling, and daily horoscope reading app created by Yumobi Tekhnolodzhi. It will show what you have in store for the future. You can conveniently obtain regular, monthly, and annual horoscopes, custom palm readings, career & work, fitness, love, fortune, Mayan, fortune, and Druid horoscopes using this palm reader app.

Fortunescope-app Fortunescope-app-details


It has listed certified palm readers along with these so that you can conveniently recognize what’s really in your palm lines and it will show you most of the information. Both zodiac signs are covered so that you really can read the daily horoscope palmistry for your zodiac sign conveniently.

Download Fortunescope App | android

Palm reading

For Android and iOS users, Palm Reading is a live palmistry app that allows you to communicate with personal palm readers. You can clearly view your marriage line, money line, fate line, kids, love, astrology, and others using this app. By using 3D camera apps, it is a simple to use and free palm reader app where you need to take a snapshot of your palm and select a palm reader that resonates most with you.
Palm-reading-app Palm-reading-detailsPalm-reading-inside

Give your picture to them anyway and ask them to interpret my palm. It has experienced palm readers that assist you to interpret your main lines and tell you the right information.

Download PalmReading App

Astro 2020(APK)|Astrology & Palmistry Coach (ios)

Astro 2020 is the best app on Android and iOS devices for horoscope and palmistry choices. By palm reading, Zodiac Compatibility, and Horoscope Characteristic, it gives the best palmistry predictions. It offers regular, weekly, monthly, and annual forecasts. By choosing your zodiac sign and having a highly accurate summary of your free regular weekly, monthly, yearly horoscope, you will know immediately how your day will go. Such as heart line, headline, lifeline, destiny line, and others, you can quickly determine about your palm lines.


Download Astro 2020 App

Download Astrology & Palmistry Coach App | ios


For Android and iOS users, SeekMe is a fantastic palm scan cartoon camera baby prediction application that allows you to quickly disclose the life story that is on your palm. True palm reading apps that can also be used as potential baby generation apps are free and easy to use.

SeekMe-App-information Seekme SeekMe-Palm-Scanning SeekMe-Palm-lines

Palm lines include a narrative about your personality, even about the fortune so you can use this application to easily understand your future. You will learn about the lifeline, heart line, fate line, headline, and mounts of the sun, Jupiter, moon, Saturn, and others using this tool.

Download SeekMe

Download AI Palmistry | ios

Palmistry and Daily Horoscope

Palmistry and Daily Horoscope is a palm reading application built by Volha Kaziura for Android and iOS users that is free and simple to use and it’s always exciting to know about your fortune using your palm. It’s a versatile astrological app that helps you to see the future right now.


You must click a photo of your palm using the best camera apps when using this app and get prolonged results on several aspects of your life. Together with palm reading, it also provides you with different aspects of daily horoscope forecasts. It also has a premium option available with various subscription forms with different features to use.

Download Palmistry and Daily Horoscope

Download Palmistry & Horoscope Guide | ios


Another palm reading program for Android and iOS users is Basirly. It is one of the great apps developed by TeleCloud that provides all android and iOS users with palmistry, chirology, and Hartline choice. It can contain advertisements on its free edition, you can easily delete them with its option to subscribe, if you want to know your fortune using this app then you should consider to upgrade it to the paid version.

Basirly-App-layout Basirly-app-details

In order to give you reliable data on the dousing of palm fingers, palm marks, and palm lines, the application provides simple, fast, and entertaining image tests. You can educate yourself in the art of palmistry easily with this palmistry app.

Download Basirly


Kasamba is a palm reading application with Psychic Readings that makes it easier to read your palm lines comfortably on your mobile using the photo of your palm. It also enables you to start chatting with strangers along with these and tell them what’s really in their palms.

Kasamba-App-Features Kasamba-App

For Android and iOS users, it is safe and convenient to use and you can easily be a tarot reader, precise love psychic, or astrologer. In order to find your dream psychic match and have the best experience possible, you can easily try various advisors.

Download Kasamba

Download Kasamba | ios

There are a lot of different palm reading apps which you can check.

So, grab somebody whose life you would like to know more about and begin by zeroing in on their dominant side, exposing the present and future character and course of a person. Try to find about you by checking out a palm reading app.

Try these methods:

Earn Hands: This means that the person is truthful, conventional, diligent, and down to earth. These individuals have a realistic view of life and favor philosophical pursuits or daydreams over material realities. Oddly enough, however, many musicians have an earthy hand.

Water hands: These individuals are emotional, imaginative, and delicate. The dreamers in your crew are individuals with water hands. They are delicate and they are often relied upon by others. Even though they can be moody as well as sensitive (you’re going to fight a little), people are won over by their creativity and charisma.

Fire hands: Energetic, anxious, charismatic, and passionate, they are. Like the astrological signs of fire, these individuals are leaders, risk-takers, and explorers born of nature.

Air hands: This type of hand means that someone is articulate, clever, intellectual, and rational. Think of these individuals as qualified to create new ideas and pursue their ambitions. However, they have a proclivity to overthink, which can at times make them frazzled.

Simply put, palmistry is the practice of studying the hands’ physical attributes to perceive personality traits and foresee potential occurrences. Analyses of chiromancy are time-honored: just as our ancient ancestors looked into the sky at night and produced strong correspondences between celestial motions and occurrences here on Earth, palm readers examine how the attributes of the hand contribute to higher themes. It becomes easy to interpret everything when you have the best palm reading apps. With palm reading, people love to know about their life in the future.

It’s best to start with broader observations when starting your study, working your way through more nuanced data. While views differ, many modern readers agree that both the left and right hands are essential to analyze: the non-dominant hand reveals natural character and personality, while the dominant hand illustrates how these characteristics have been integrated into reality. Together, they show how a person in this lifetime uses their potential. There are different palm reading apps available that will help you to know about your life.

To get going, take your time with the questioner’s hand cupped in your very own to create a few quiet observations. And what’s the texture? Is the front smooth while it is harsh on the palm? Are they manicured or dirty fingers? Know, celestial warriors, in divination rituals, nothing can be missed. All have sense, and you’ll effortlessly extract the importance of the smallest information when you incorporate your work with intuition. First get acquainted with the shapes of the hand that correspond to the four components: fire, earth, air, and water. You will get to recognize the plains and mounts of the hand, regions that lead to significant aspects of life, as well as the lines or creases that suggest a tale about the possibilities after learning hand forms and their related elements.

Within palmistry, there are 3 essential hand forms, each linked to a different aspect and its related features. Your palm type may well not correlate with your astrological profile, and although four factors are also incorporated in astrology. For eg, while someone might be a fiery Aries, their hand’s shape might be that of a symbol of water, revealing subtle input into their persona’s complexities. Today a lot of people want to know about palm reading so you can get to know more about it from the palm reading apps which are available for free. These are available on iOS and android.

The idea of an eccentric mystic tracing the creases of your palm in a dimly illuminated room certainly comes to mind when people think of palmistry. Although this stereotype of ‘smoke and mirrors’ might be a little dated, it’s not completely off-base. In reality, the folds or creases of the palms, known as lines, are being used to form storylines and predict future occurrences in the palm reading.

By analyzing their curvature, length, and depth, the definitions of different lines are calculated. No 2 palms are unique, so consider that everything is the context in palm reading: Notice where every other line starts and ends, where everything crosses mounts, or where the creases overlap. Your intuition so gets imaginative, will fuel your research. And do not be afraid to ask your own questions when in doubt. You are the palm reader, after all, and not a mind reader. When you understand the past of your querent’s history, by applying your theories to real-life circumstances, you will be able to provide richer insight.

In shaping our future and palm reading, the mind plays a key role and the headline sheds light on our intellectual mysteries and pursuits. Located in the center of the palm, it also shows the values in this lifetime we will need to know. The difficulty of the mental pursuits of a person coincides with the depth of the line, whereas the length of the line shows the width of the topics they discuss. A wavy line means radical thought, while a straight line shows a more conservative approach. Mental strife, or even more monumental breakthroughs, epiphanies, or optimistically, may be signified by breaks in the line.

For both amateur and experienced astrologers, the sun sign is the celestial launching pad. By your date of birth, your sun sign is decided and reflects your core personality, sense of self, essential preferences, and forms in which you travel through the world. Along with your blind spots, this astrological position focuses on your intrinsic talents. What makes a sun sign unique and special are joys, hopes, faults, and fears. The distinct characteristic that acts as your astrological fingerprint is formed when paired with some other planets in your chart. All this you can easily know when you will install and see the palm reading app available for free.



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